Post-Lockdown  -  The New Normal

During lockdown as well as providing visitor attractions for birds, bees, bats and butterflies in our small backyard (the short native species hedge we planted last autumn has been joined by a small pond and rock garden and insect friendly flowers), we’ve also been busy inside the Guest House preparing to re-open for our human guests.

To be Awarded the Tourist Industry Standard mark "We're Good To Go", we had to undertake as Risk Assessment of the Guest House to identify the high-touch areas and the areas where maintaining social distancing might not be practical at all times and as a result, we have made changes to the way we do things, these include:

  • A hand sanitiser at the front door for use before entering the property

  • The NHS Test & Trace QR Code for you to scan

  • Please respect social distancing guidelines both in the neighbourhood and also in our home. We invite you to join us in wearing facemasks in the stairwell as it is difficult to socially distance when passing others

  • A daily sanitisation of all public areas with our new “fogger” (this covers the whole space with a fine disinfectant spray) as well as more regular cleaning of high-touch areas

  • Due to current social distancing, use of the breakfast room is restricted. Instead, breakfast will have a slightly changed menu. We’ll have a “Grab’n’Go” menu for those who wish to head straight out in the morning and take food with them. And we’ll also be offering two breakfast sittings: The “Good to Go” menu which will be for those who want a quick sit down meal before heading off; and the later “Leisure” menu for those who are in no rush to be off and wish to have a choice from our more extensive menu. For more information, have a look at our breakfast page

  • Between stays we will deep-clean and air the rooms, using the best techniques and products available to us, including our new "fogger". A daily room clean will be unavailable at this time

  • Check-in time is from 4pm (16:00) and check-out is by 10am (10:00). To help with the cleaning of the guest house and with the issues of social distancing on the stairs it is necessary to close the doors of the guest house from 11am – 3:30pm (11:00-15:30). Early check-ins are not generally possible at this time.

Please note that we can only  accept bookings in line with Government Guidelines.

What happens if a guest develops COVID-19 symptoms whilst staying at Thorneyfield?


We will ask the guest to let us know by mobile and then for them and their family group to isolate in their room until further arrangements can be made:

  • Either for them to immediately leave the guest house and travel home safely; or

  • To seek medical assistance via NHS 119 or 999 for an emergency then to be transported onwards to hospital if necessary.

Food and drink will be delivered to their room until such time as they can safely leave.

Clean-up. We will contact the relevant authorities as necessary. We will make sure that the room that they were staying in is closed for at least 72 hours after their departure and then thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitised before accepting any other guests into it.

We will notify any future bookings that may be affected as soon as we know.

If despite the precautions we are taking to stay fit and healthy, it is necessary to close down the Guest House at this time so that we can self-isolate, then we will let any other guests staying with us know as they will also need to check out.


We will continue to monitor the situation and update this page as more information becomes available to us.


Carole and Andrew

Friday 14th May 2021